Apr 02, 2019 1:30 PM

Effective April 2, 2019, the IRB will no longer require refresher training for human subjects’ research through the CITI program.  The requirement to complete initial training appropriate for the type of research you conduct will remain. 

This revision to eliminate renewal every 3 years aligns with external funding requirements as they relate to human subjects’ training (this includes the NIH, Department of Defense, etc.) Given that refresher training is not required to receive funding, the training requirements at Penn are now being revised to remove this additional element of burden after initial training is established. If you are an investigator or other active research staff,  please see the Guidance Tab for complete information and updates about CITI training requirements. Investigators and other research staff should contact the CITI helpdesk with questions.

Please note: this revised requirement is specific to human subjects’ training only; this will not affect other training requirements for the conduct of research with human participants (i.e. HIPAA, GCP, Sponsor requirements, etc.). 

If you are engaged in the process of review/approval/oversight of research involving human participants and have any questions about this revised requirement, please contact Dave Heagerty