Feb 06, 2018 6:45 PM

In alignment with last year’s release of the Reliance Agreement letter template with no IRB administrator signature, the IRB has new letter templates for the following determinations:

  • Initial Exempt Approval
  • Initial Expedited Approval
  • Expedited Continuing Review
  • Expedited Modification Approval
  • Modification Acknowledgement

The new templates are being rolled out this week and will not require an IRB administrator signature.

The IRB SOP section GA 107 describes the written communications which will still require IRB Director, Chair or Executive chair signature. Those situations that require signature are unrelated to routine determination letters which have historically required Administrator level signature.

The IRB is in the process of converting all IRB determination letters to this no- signature format. We will continue to post news updates about these changes as they develop. Questions about this policy may be directed to the IRB POBox general Email irb@pobox.upenn.edu