The University of Pennsylvania Institutional Review Board (IRB) charges fees for review of funded studies in order to cover the costs associated with the IRB's related administrative responsibilities.

Please note: Fees do not influence the decisions reached by the IRB. If the IRB votes to table or disapprove a research protocol, no additional fee will be charged for reconsideration.

Please note: The actual costs of the IRB review are still incurred if subjects are never enrolled, the study closes before milestones are met, expenditures exceed revenue, or a contract is never finalized.

There is an existing process to invoice for IRB fees when the study is funded.  The submitting team will be requested to provide an appropriate fund number from which to draw the IRB fees, and the funding provider can then be invoiced directly for the IRB fees.

This current IRB fee schedule is the following (for the Penn site only):

  • Initial Review fee = $2400
  • Continuing Review fees = $1000 per continuing review
  • Modification = $500 per review (excluding: any administrative and/or minor revisions)
  • Administrative Review Fee = $500 (One Time / Start up Fee for studies where the Penn IRB is requested to rely on an external IRB)

*Note: If the IRB review occurs an initial review fee is charged, even if the study does not commence at a Penn site.

As of January 2016, the IRB ceased sending invoices for IRB review fees directly to the sponsor. The IRB is now invoicing and journaling these fees directly from the submitting department/division/research team.

Reminder of the process: The HSERA application will include an internal financial contact and fund number. The information needed by the IRB to complete this process should be included in section regarding industry sponsored protocols.  This information should be included at the initial submission, whether the contract is pending or not.  The departments will bill the funding entity for this and other fees as part of the already existing billing process.

For contracts: IRB fees should be included in contract negotiations whether the study contract is finalized or not. It should appear as a line item in the budget of the formal contract as an upfront and non-refundable fee. ORS will help you with this if needed. All budgets that are negotiated for studies that are industry sponsored should include 3 line items for IRB fees: Initial Review, Continuing Review(s) (with the number of reviews being based off the proposed duration of the protocol) and Modification(s) (which should be captured as invoiced per occurrence).

For further information or assistance as needed, please contact Ed Fong in the IRB, at or 215 573 0791.