Continued Use of Blue Jeans with Penn Medicine Patients in Research


Over the past two years, the availability and capabilities of video conferencing tools have greatly expanded on campus, leading to redundant services with overlapping capabilities. 

As such, the BlueJeans Virtual Meetings service will be removed from the Common Good service portfolio next fiscal year (July 1, 2022) and will no longer be available to the majority of users after June 30, 2022. 


This announcement does not affect Penn Medicine’s use of BlueJeans for Telehealth nor the use of the BlueJeans Events service.


Because of the change to the status of the University’s BlueJeans service, the use of BlueJeans Virtual Meetings will no longer be acceptable when hosting virtual subject visits or meetings where PHI and / or PII are discussed after June 30, 2022. The use of Penn Medicine’s Microsoft Teams or Zoom continue to be approved, provided the appropriate guidance is followed.


IRB applications or research protocols that involve Penn Medicine patients and explicitly refer to Blue Jeans provided by the University should plan to submit a modification to revise the language in their applications/protocols. The IRB recommends pairing this with another planned modification. Subject consent forms may need to be revised, but existing subjects do not need to be re-consented due to this change.


For questions or concerns about the change, please contact