Continuing Review Form Updates

An updated version of the Continuing Review Form has been posted to the IRB website. The changes made to this form include the following:

  1. New questions to identify the stage of follow up for participants reported to be in follow-up, in alignment with the OHRP’s Continuing Review Guidance (2010).
  2. Updated the Quality Control Monitoring section to reflect the updated PICA form in REDCap.
  3. Changes related to the IRB’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Initiatives:
    • The word “subject” has been replaced with “participant” throughout.
    • Revised race and ethnicity categories
    • Questions about the strategies utilized to equitably recruit a diverse sample and, if the sample lacks diversity, the reason(s) for this. This question aligns with the update made to the HSERA, Populations Page, Participant recruitment question in May 2023.

This form is required for continuing review submissions received by the IRB as of May 1.