Penn IRB SOP Version 14


The Penn IRB has released an updated version of the Penn IRB SOP. 


The major change to version 14 is the addition of a new SOP, GA 108, entitled: Response Plan For Emergencies Impacting The HRPP. 


This policy describes the process for initiating a response to an emergency/disaster situation impacting the HRPP or HRPP operations. Challenges to HRPP operations or the conduct of Human Research may arise, for example, from:
1.1.1 Extreme weather events.
1.1.2 Natural disasters.
1.1.3 Man-made disasters.
1.1.4 Infectious disease outbreaks.


This SOP was created in response to new AAHRPP Re-accreditation requirements. Investigator Guidance is forthcoming.


A full summary of changes from version 13 to version 14 is available here