Winter Holiday Break and IRB Operations


The IRB office will be closed during the Winter Holiday break (12/25/23 – 1/1/23). Please carefully read the following and plan accordingly.


  1. Submissions requiring convened board review: The last IRB meeting of 2023 is 12/19. There are no IRB meetings between 12/20/23 and 1/4/24. Submissions requiring convened board review must be received between 11/1 and 12/1 in order to be placed on a December agenda. Submissions received after 12/1 will be placed on a January agenda.
  2. Submissions that qualify for expedited review: Submissions not received by Monday, 12/11 at 9am will be processed after the Winter Holiday break.


Please prioritize appropriately. Please be mindful of deadlines and expiration dates. Please keep in mind any need to notify your department chair of any initial submissions to ensure you meet the deadlines. Faculty advisors, please notify your student advisees of these deadlines if they have not submitted in HSERA before, as they would likely not receive this email.

If you have a grant deadline and you are unsure if you will be funded, please plan ahead and start drafting a submission in case you are funded.


If you know you have an emergency rush item during this time period, please email Dave Heagerty ( and Jessica Yoos ( and we will do our best to assist you.  Only items that meet appropriate criteria to be assessed as a rush (i.e. requests related to a grant deadline, expiring research, single patient compassionate use requests, exception requests, etc.) will be reviewed.


We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!