CITI Training for Human Research is required for everyone engaged in Human Research at Penn. This requirement extends to anyone listed as Principal Investigator, Other Investigator, Study Contact or Key Personnel within the HSERA application.

On your CITI Training Completion Report:

  1. The Curriculum Group must be "Human Research"
  2. The Learner Group must be one of the following:
  • Biomedical Research
  • Social/Behavioral Research
  • IRB Member
  • Students - Class projects
  • Refresher 101 - Biomedical Research 
  • Refresher 101 - Social & Behavioral Research

for example:

Other CITI courses (such as Good Clinical Practice or Responsible Conduct of Research) may be required by other departments as part of your role as a researcher within the University. The Penn IRB does not review or accept these trainings as part of the IRB approval process.

Taking CITI training for the first time

Please download and follow these instructions if you need to obtain CITI training for the first time.

If you are having trouble with obtaining CITI training please contact

Renewing CITI training

Please download and follow these instructions if you qualify to take the Refresher Course for Human Subjects (i.e. You have previously passed CITI training for Human Subjects through the University of Pennsylvania and just need to renew)

If you are having trouble with obtaining CITI training please contact

CITI Training from Other Institutions

  • If you have completed CITI training for Human Subjects Research through another institution (i.e your completion report does not say "University of Pennsylvania" in the Institution Affiliation), your completion report will need to be assessed for module content prior to approval.
  • It is possible that you may be required to complete the Penn version in order to engage in research at Penn.
  • Please forward any training reports from other institutions to and ask for an assessment of your modules. 
  • If the modules are appropriate the IRB CITI Support team can manually update your training expiration date to your knowledge link account at Penn.
  • Please keep in mind that if you continue to renew your training with another institution's affiliation, you will have to request a manual update every time you renew your training.

Problems with CITI Training

The CITI program and website is not managed by the University of Penn or the Penn IRB.If you cannot remember your username or password for the CITI training site or are having other technical issues with that site, you must contact the CITI Program Support Center -

If you do not select University of Pennsylvania as your affiliate institution when taking the training, your results will not feed into Penn systems. This may result in multiple individual requests for proof of training.

If you are having trouble with obtaining CITI training please contact