Biomedical Research

Physician IRB Members Needed


The Penn IRB is seeking physician scientist members to serve as IRB members.

IRB members ensure the protection of the rights and welfare of participants as well as contribute to the evaluation of research on its scientific merits and standards of clinical practice. Physicians with oncology experience are greatly needed.



  • Attend and conduct reviews at least 6-8 meetings a year
  • Commit to a term of at least 1 calendar year

Qualifications: A Medical Doctor (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) degree


Time commitment: ~4 hours a month


Meeting structure: Meetings are held monthly with quarterly in-person meetings and 8 remote meetings.


Benefits: Exposure to new areas of research, developing knowledge outside of one’s expertise, networking, professional development, better understanding of IRB processes.


Membership is not limited to Penn staff and faculty. Please share with anyone you may know who may be interested. Members receive onboarding training and observe meetings prior to receiving assignments. Attendance can be flexible with your schedule.

Lunch is provided at in-person IRB meetings. 


Interested parties should contact the IRB Director at